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Private Drum Lessons in Westchester, Rockland, and Bergen:
Call: 201-546-3898

Join the Band

Learning how to play the drums is great! Learning how to apply what you’ve learned with a group of other musicians is awesome.

For my student drummers, your first connection will be to partner with the bass player and learn how to lock in your kick drum hits with the bass line. Together you will form what we refer to as the “rhythm section”. This is the foundation of every band.

A “tight” rhythm section allows the more melodic instruments: guitars, keyboards, and vocals, to be more confident with their playing and stay better connected as the song transitions from the intro, verse, chorus, and solo sections.

Band play also keeps you more tuned in with your drumming: when to play specific beats and drum fills. Each band will select a short list of songs to learn and play together culminating in a live performance! Venues include: The Bitter End (Westchester bands) and Defiant Brewery (Rockland bands).